An Experiment in Immersive Storytelling
Attachment #1 - Giovanni Rosiello's Journal

A photo of a page from an old journal written in Italian.
Giovanni Rosiello's Journal #1

21st, September, anno Domini nostri Iesu Christi 1650

Today was a good day. The Lord’s blessings upon us all. Mr. Russo has come and repaired the Santa Chiara’s broken pipe organ. I’m not a musician or a craftsman so I don’t know what was wrong but it has sounded like the Devil’s workings for weeks. The Lord’s music is now clear for our parishioners. Glory to God!

2nd, October, anno Domini nostri Iesu Christi 1650

The Bishop has requested my aid in wedding a happy couple next month. I anticipate a festive day. The man and woman have been members of Santa Chiara for a long time. Before God, I shall see them united. I still remember when I married my beautiful wife. Oh what a day that was! I walk in the path of Light.

19th, October, anno Domini nostri Iesu Christi 1650

All Hallow’s Eve is quickly approaching. God Bless anyone still following the heathen Samuin. For us that have found the Lord, we have All Hallow’s Eve. Oh how I wish I had children to pass on the good faith and traditions of that night and of All Saint’s Day. Some day. We’ve been trying to have children but it is not in God’s plan for now. Some day we shall have little ones of our own, God willing. 

This is part of an immersive fiction story titled "Absolution" by J.A. Hernandez. If you're unfamiliar with the story, check out the Table of Contents for more information.