An Experiment in Immersive Storytelling
A Letter from Delilah

A photo of a page from an old journal written in Italian.
Giovanni Rosiello's Journal #3

25th, December, anno Domini nostri Iesu Christi 1650

The Holy day of Our Lord and the Devil himself came to me! I am a man of God but I was not prepared for such evil. We held our usual rites today to the Glory of God. The evening was reserved for a Vigil for good Mrs. Bianchi who fell ill last week. The Lord took her soul upon himself and brought her to Heaven. The Bishop asked me to help with the Vigil and I was more than happy to oblige. Shortly after sundown there came a loud banging on an unused entryway. I went to see what was the matter. A wild eyed woman speaking in tongues was trying to push her way into the Vigil and Devil knows what else. Lord help me for I struck her once after she lunged at me. She ripped some of my hair and spat on me. I don’t have enough hair to spare for the demon woman. I am startled at every knock now and pray that I do not encounter this woman again.

This is part of an immersive fiction story titled "Absolution" by J.A. Hernandez. If you're unfamiliar with the story, check out the Table of Contents for more information.