A Desert Tarantula

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I saw my very first tarantula in the desert. It was crossing the road, and a car spooked it, so it froze—right in the tire path of a whole line of cars. So, I stood there in the blazing desert sun, protecting it from a bunch of drivers who thought I had gone insane, pointing at something they couldn't see but shouldn't drive over. Tae went and grabbed an umbrella, and I used it to gently prod the tarantula to finish crossing the road.

A beautiful desert blond tarantula crossing the street
A little fuzzy because, well, tarantulas are fuzzy. Also, because I used 10x zoom so I didn't spook it by leaning down.

    What's New?

    • I'm back to novel editing, and it's going very well. The long, forced break from it while moving really drove home just how much I love to write (and edit.)
    • In case you missed it, here's another two-sentence horror titled: A Telltale Rumble. It might just be the most family-friendly horror I've ever written. I'm about to wind down on these two-sentence horror stories, but they were a fun distraction while moving to another state.
    • Next Week: A theatre haunted by the ghost of an opera singer.
    • The next installment of Absolution Behind the Scenes is up! I took a break from this while moving, but I'm now back at it. If you're new here and haven't seen anything about Absolution yet, you'll want to start here. If you're already caught up, check out the latest installment at Behind the Scenes: Propmaster Tae.