Cover for Night of the Living Cake Monsters novella. On the cover: a woman in a 50s style dress holds a steel whisk toward a small chocolate cake monster.Cover image for Absolution. Image is a black and white photo of a tower from a Santa Chiara religious complex in Naples, Italy. In the sky, a full moon shines down brightly on the church. An on overlay of text reads "Absolution. An Experiment in Immersive Storytelling."
First Novel

Even Dolls Have Conventions & Short Fiction

I recently learned that there are doll conventions.

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Origin of Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kings, patricide, and ancient atonement.

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Foggy Nights & Oversized Spoons

We've been having some pretty foggy nights here in North Texas lately.

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Hungry Ghost Festival

Feasting with ghosts under a moonlit sky.

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Revision Test Results & The Real Unreal

I've been eyeing some revisions for my first novel for a few months, and I decided to test my ideas in the first chapter.

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