Cover for Night of the Living Cake Monsters: A Retro Creature Feature. Woman covers her face with her and screams while chocolate oozes down from above her.Cover image for Absolution. Image is a black and white photo of a tower from a Santa Chiara religious complex in Naples, Italy. In the sky, a full moon shines down brightly on the church. An on overlay of text reads "Absolution. An Experiment in Immersive Storytelling."Black image with white text that reads "First Novel"

Glaistig of Scottish Folklore

A malevolent Scottish ghost. (Or is it?)

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You Never Know Where You'll Find...The Witches!

Arizona isn't a place people typically think of when the word "witch" is mentioned, but you might be surprised to hear that the desert is not only full of life but also rich with...the witches!

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Inugami of Japan

A familiar spirit born from a brutal ritual.

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An Old Book & A Few Updates

A friend of mine sent me an old book for my birthday. It's an original from 1931—nearly one hundred years old. The book is in fantastic shape for being almost a century old. I'm running it through my old book process right now, and I expect it to be finished next weekend. Just look at the first few pages to get an idea of what's inside.

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Seven Gates of Hell in Hellam Township, Pennsylvania

One gate is visible in the day, six more at night, and passing all seven takes you straight to Hell.

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