A House Finch & Vampire Interview

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We're in the middle of monsoon season in Arizona, and most of the wildlife is taking shelter anywhere it can, including this bird that took a rest from the rain on my balcony.

A bird fluffed up against the rain in the background, sitting on a balcony. It is brown with red around the head, beak, and chest.
Taking a little time to dry off.

I asked what kind of bird it was, but it seemed content to keep the conversation to a minimum, so we just hung out for a while. I think maybe it's a house finch. I would have invited it inside, but Cap'n Hammy Pants is a professional hunter, and I don't think that would have worked out well for everyone.

What's New?

  • I was interviewed for an upcoming magazine about vampires. I'll send out more information soon, but I think it'll hit the stands in September.
  • A new Behind the Scenes for Absolution is up at A Wonderful Voice Actress. If you're new, be sure to start here. Several years ago, I created an immersive horror story for my friend's birthday and tossed her into it. I've put it all online, and I'm writing about how I made it.
  • I've edited a few more chapters of the novel. 💪
  • Next Week: One of the most famous hauntings in the United Kingdom.