A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With

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A co-conspirator with professional packing skills. Good luck if you don't have one of those. Lucky for me, Tae's skill tree in "Packing & Moving" is completely maxed out. In addition to Tae, I also had a very adaptable travel cat to make hotel stays more tolerable.

My cat Cap'n Hammy Pants sleeping in the car.
Cap'n Hammy Pants rested easily on the road, knowing her belongings were packed carefully.

As we all know, fortune cookies are simply facts printed on convenient slips of paper. I'm now in Texas and officially unpacking. With all the craziness of moving 1,000 miles, it's hard to find time to do anything except deal with the move. So, Tae and I got food at a place that gave us fortune cookies, and I uncovered my convenient slip of paper with a relevant fact.

A fortune cookie that reads, "A change of scenery will be good for you."

Aside from moving—no, wait...that's pretty much it. Just moving. Things will settle soon, and I'll return to my regularly scheduled creative pursuits.

What's New?

  • I'm now unpacking! Amazing! Such wow!
  • Next Week: Tracking the mysterious identity of one of the most famous ghosts in the world.