A Scrambling Gecko & I Forgot Cheetos

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Those two things are unrelated, I think.

I have cameras set up around the house, just waiting to alarm me in the event of a zombie attack. Or, you know, if the angsty teenage desert coyote gang comes prowling for beer and cigarettes again.

Sometimes, the cameras pick up unusual activity, like...

A gecko scrambling on the window
A gecko scrambling on the window. Possibly a chupacabra. There's no banana for scale, so I have to assume it could be Godzilla-sized.

In other news...

It's been years since I've shopped in a big chain grocery store and even longer since I bought anything even remotely normal, like nacho flavor-dusted crunchy corn triangles or carbonated canned sugar crack.

I was in a smaller grocery store today, buying some Vegan Rob's® Dairy Free Cheddar Puffs (the absolute bomb!—according to the website). The checkout person asked me if they were like Cheetos, and I realized I had forgotten what Cheetos actually were. Conceptually, I think Cheetos are like these nacho stick thingies, right? I looked them up when I got home and still don't quite remember.


What's New?

  • I've discovered there's a live 24x7 wildlife show outside my windows. If anyone ever tells you the desert is dead, then they've clearly never been here.
  • Next Week: A silent horror film from over a century ago. The quintessential work of German Expressionist cinema.