A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.

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"A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it." —Samuel Johnson

My spouse Tae sent this over to me last night. It fits so well with the entire idea of storytelling or any type of art. I can write a story or a non-fiction piece, and it won't be complete until someone reads it. Art is a means of expression, and the artist can find meaning within the creation, but the art completes its cycle by impacting others.

What's New?

  • I created a visual flash fiction piece titled Destiny/fate.
  • I recently learned that Anne Rice renounced her Christianity back in 2010. I had no idea. "Today I Quit Being A Christian" on NPR.
  • I'm working on Act II of Absolution, and it's coming along well. It's been fun to relive the experience from another perspective, and I had forgotten how much went into creating it.