An Old Book & A Few Updates

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An Old Book & A Few Updates

A friend of mine sent me an old book for my birthday. It's an original from 1931—nearly one hundred years old. The book is in fantastic shape for being almost a century old. I'm running it through my old book process right now, and I expect it to be finished next weekend. Just look at the first few pages to get an idea of what's inside.

Inside cover for The Supernatural Omnibus from London in 1931.
The Supernatural Omnibus from 1931.
Table of contents include hauntings and horror from authors like Sheridan Le Fanu and Charles Dickens.
Hauntings, mysteries, Dickens & Le Fanu.
Second page of the table of contents include diabolism, witchcraft, and evil lore.
Possession, black magic, Satanism, Pater & O'Sullivan.

What's New?

  • Novel editing, like novel writing, is a marathon. I didn't realize it while retelling Absolution, but both these newsletters and Absolution gave my brain much-needed breaks from working on the novel. Now that I've finished the retelling of Absolution, I'm deciding on my next project. All that leads me into...
  • Question: If I were to create another transmedia horror fiction piece (or, unfiction?), would you be interested in participating? The story would likely unfold in a primarily digital format over various mediums.
  • Next Week: A malevolent Scottish ghost.