An Update on the Fauna of Mirrors

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Remember the strange story of the Fauna of Mirrors I mentioned in Mirrors: Superstition, Mythology, Psychology, & Sanity? Turns out, there's a 1755 edition of curious letters from missionaries in China available online, and in volume eight, someone mentions a porcelain dish crafted in such a way that it appears normal, but when liquid is placed inside, a fish appears. Check out the PDF here for yourself if you speak 1755 missionary Spanish. The little snippet starts on page 89 of the text (102 of the PDF). Just remember that the "s" characters in these old texts look a lot like the character "f."

What's New?

  • A new Behind the Scenes for Absolution is up over at Reflections. I've been posting these for nearly a year now, and there's only one left to do. It's an odd feeling. 
  • I have perfected a "get rid of bad old book smell" method. I tested it out on one old book, and it worked well; now, two more old books are undergoing the process. If it works, I'll be pretty happy because I've acquired some old titles while researching newsletters, like Brown Lady of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, and El Peuchen of Mapuche Mythology.
  • Next Week: An old highway full of haunts.