Arizona Doesn't Do Daylight Saving Time & I Rescued a Spider

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You know what I hate?

Daylight Saving Time.

I don't care how anyone tries to justify it—it's complete and total bullshit.

Take about 6 minutes and learn more about what used to be called "War Time": Daylight Saving Time Explained. Various parts of the United States government seem to continually discuss stopping this absurd practice—yet they never do.

Good thing I live in Arizona now, and I don't have to deal with it. Here in Tucson, we believe that changing the clocks doesn't magically make the sun produce more light. I know. I know. We're all basically heretics here.

In other news, Tae and I saved a spider. It found its way inside, and we were able to catch it and release it outside before Cap'n Hammy Pants and her Stomping Boots of Doom discovered it.

A huge spider on the inside of the window screen.
I put a banana for scale next to the spider. It's just that the banana is too tiny to see next to the moon-sized spider.

What's New?

  • I made a lot of editing progress on the novel WIP this past week. The closer I get to finishing this round of edits, the faster it goes. 
  • Next Week: A migration for a better life led to a series of shocking events.