Arizona Sunset & an Update on El Peuchen of Mapuche Mythology

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Beautiful Arizona sunset with purples and oranges in a cloudy sky.
My spouse Tae took this awesome photo of an Arizona sunset. Imagine a flying snake in the sky coming to drain you dry of blood.

About two months ago, I tracked down and ordered an old book that supposedly had an entry El Peuchen, a strange flying snake creature from Mapuche mythology in the southern area of South America. The book finally came! I took some photos and translated what I found. The original entry is from the early 1900s from a man named Father Augusta, who spent years with Mapuche to fight for indigenous rights and learn everything he could about the culture. Read all about El Peuchen of Mapuche Mythology, or if you've already seen that, then jump straight to the update about the Diccinoaro Mapuche Español por Fray Jose De Augusta.

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