Art Is on the Walls

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A house is not a home until all your walls are completely covered with art. Okay, well, that's actually the second important step of making a house a home. The first one is having a cat. Anyway, we've completed the second step in the new place in Dallas—getting the art unpacked and on the walls. Much to our surprise, our large collection—which usually covers all available wall space—doesn't cover the walls of the new place. We have high ceilings and somehow even more walls than everywhere else we've lived.

My cat Cap'n Hammy Pants on the floor inspecting three art prints.
Cap'n Hammy Pants worked hard to figure out the new arrangement of prints by Akemi Tsutsui-Kunitake.

Of course, the blank walls are just begging for art. So, we're keeping our eyes open for the next acquisitions to put into place.

What's New?

  • Something new is brewing in my world. I'm keeping it all bagged up and secret for now.
  • Now that the cat is settled and the art is up, I'm eyeing the next steps in the book and the next big creative project. More to come.
  • Next Week: The cyclopean bulletproof Bigfoot of Brazil.