Becoming Dated at the Speed of Smartphones

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Tae and I are watching the old seasons of Dexter. Nearly everything on the show feels current, like it could be unfolding right now.

Nearly everything.

It's the phones that make it obvious the show is a bit old. Everyone has tiny little feature phones or flip phones. Entirely impractical for today's mobile computing needs.

It's not just Dexter, either. The last season of Weeds has these supposed PHONES OF THE FUTURE that the show makes a pretty big deal out of showing repeatedly. They look like a clear case for a smartphone, only with no phone inside.

I honestly can't imagine what the creators were thinking when they did that. The old phones in Dexter just kind of slip into the background and go mostly unnoticed. The phones in Weeds, though? Those things stick out and are entirely unnecessary for the story.

In Arizona nature news, check out this photo Tae took.

A Gambel's quail strutting across a stone wall.
That's what you call a "Gambel's quail." They can run—yes, run—up to 15 miles per hour. In cartoon physics, that means if you stack two of them in a trenchcoat, then they can outrun Usain Bolt (barely).

What's New?

  • A bird egg fell from a rooftop nearby and landed on a sidewalk. It cracked open and actually cooked on the concrete. I would have gotten a picture, but I'm busy Nosferatu-ing in my dark lair, typing away at novel edits and new newsletters.
  • Next Week: A cryptid referenced as far back as Ancient Rome.