Beta Readers & Busy Lives

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Beta Readers & Busy Lives

I finished working through the latest revision notes from Tae, and I've sent off the novel to a small group of beta readers. 🎉

Now, there's a problem with beta readers that few people talk about: they're busy. It's just a thing. Everyone is busy—pretty much all the time.

Cap'n Hammy Pants staring downward at the camera.
Little do the beta readers know, Cap'n Hammy Pants is stalking their progress.

What that means for novelists is that when we send off drafts to beta readers, we should be delighted and surprised if and when someone actually sets aside the time to read an entire unpublished work-in-progress novel, collects their thoughts and writes them down, and then sends notes back to us.

It's a big job, a considerable time commitment, and the pay is often precisely zero dollars. It really is a big favor that beta readers do for novelists.

So, here's to my beta readers: 🥂

What's New?

  • The novel is now in the hands of a small group of beta readers. Some are horror fans, some are not, but all are avid readers.
  • Next Week: Low-flying triangular objects in Belgium.