Blue-Eyed Dolls, Nosferatu Photobomb, & Summer Heat

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It's getting hot in...well...everywhere, it seems. There's no escaping our collective broiler demise. Here in Texas, it's so oppressive that people living elsewhere have warned me against the dangers of the heat dome and wet bulb phenomena. Meanwhile, I'm just staying indoors and only venturing out when necessary. Just like in the Sonoran desert, the best time to go outside is at night. The later, the better—not necessarily because of the heat, but more for the lack of people.

As such, I haven't gotten many outdoors-y pictures lately. I did take this photo of one of my dolls, and it turned out to have a little undead surprise in the background.

Close-up of a blue-eyed doll. In the background is a blurry wall sculpture of Nosferatu.
Rena. She's a character from one of the few horror anime series. Complete with Nosferatu photobombing in the background.

What's New?

  • I did a fun little writing prompt with a group of horror writer friends. I might post it in the future. It was time-boxed to fifteen minutes, and it was fun to see how far I could get with a minimal amount of time.
  • Upcoming Into Horror History: Vengeance and horror, forged by an ancient smith.