Brown Widow Spiders & Online Ads Everywhere

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Apparently, brown widow spiders are everywhere in Tucson now. They set up webs and actively hunt down other spiders, including black widows. There's one outside my front door. I don't have a photo of it because when I shined a flashlight on it, it started screaming, cursing, and flinging corpses of its recent kills at me. I noped out of there when it reached into its glovebox for a weapon. Anyway, they're very aggressive, and it's one of the few types of spiders I've ever encountered that I've decided I don't really like. Brown widows aren't native to Arizona, and yet this one had a bumper sticker on its car of the Arizona flag with text that read "NATIVE."

Unrelated, I've found myself staring incredulously at all the websites now that have more ads than content. They're all over the place. I guess when popup blockers became a thing, the Association of Spammers & Scammers got together and decided to litter the Internet with unavoidable advertisements. Even ad blockers are having trouble keeping up. A while back, Google (who makes money with ads) also announced that their Chrome web browser soon won't allow ad blocker plugins. I think we're headed for a world where you can't turn off advertisements anywhere in your life. Just wait until you look up and see an ad on the moon or when your own eyes and ears are conditionally leased for you to use in your own body as long as you don't disable the streaming ads.

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