Desk Cats Are the Best Cats

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Actually, all cats are the best cats, but desk cats add a fun extra challenge to writing. Cap'n Hammy Pants loves to hang out with me while I'm writing. She sometimes takes naps on the desk, and, like most cats, she loves to lie on the keyboard. I did some digging on Amazon for a solution that would allow her to freely roam around the desk while not accidentally hitting some weird keyboard combination that magically deletes everything and then closes all open programs. I found a fantastic clear acrylic keyboard protector, specifically made for cats.

My cat Cap'n Hammy Pants laying in front of the keyboard on my desk. Behind her is a clear acrylic keyboard protector that she can freely squash up against.
Cap'n Hammy Pants loves to help me write.

It even came with cat toys! Nice. In case you have a cat that loves to flop over on your keyboard, check it out: Clear Acrylic Keyboard Cover Protector Anti-Cat,2 in 1 Keyboard Bridge Protector and Monitor Stand.

That's not an affiliate link, and I make nothing on endorsing this product.

I'd give it a five happy cat rating: 😺😺😺😺😺

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