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Have I ever mentioned I like dolls? You probably already know if you've been following me for a while. I collect haunted dolls. It's a thing. In addition to haunted dolls, I also like creepy dolls and dolls with dark or gothic aesthetics—they don't necessarily have to be inhabited.

Tae recently finished reworking a ceramic doll. Check it out. She turned out awesome.

The image shows a doll with a gothic aesthetic. It features long white hair with purple highlights, styled with black lace and ribbons. The doll is dressed in a black, Victorian-inspired gown with multiple layers of lace and ruffled fabric, adding to its elaborate, dark style. The eyes are a striking purple, matching the accents in the hair, and the face is painted with spider web-like patterns, enhancing its gothic theme. The doll is also accessorized with a black choker necklace. The background is blurred, with a domestic setting visible, likely a kitchen counter, suggesting the photo was taken indoors.
Meet Chelsea.

Have you been following the news about OpenAI and the whole fiasco around Sam Altman? The entire thing seems like it should be a drama series on Netflix. They better get on making it because two years from now, artificial intelligence will need something entertaining to watch.

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