eBook Formatting and Indie Author Account Woes

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eBook Formatting and Indie Author Account Woes

You know, I kind of expected a learning curve with eBook formatting. I set my mind to it and figured it out. No problem; just a bit of time.

Setting up indie author accounts on Amazon and Google has been an enormous problem. I've now been essentially waiting on both of their support teams to clear different (simple) issues for about two weeks. I'm also officially in the Goodreads database, but they've rejected my application to claim my author account twice already.

It's interesting to see how some areas of self-publishing are simple; others are more difficult but doable. Other areas put you at the mercy of support teams working behind a wall, leaving absolutely no visibility into what's happening or when something will get resolved.

How hard is it to publish a 40 page eBook about chocolate cake monsters attacking a town during Christmas? It's not hard, exactly—but it requires a solid determination to just keep moving things forward.

What's New?

  • Night of the Living Cake Monsters eBook is now available for purchase! It's up on Amazon for Kindle as well, right here.
  • In case you missed it, I wrote a flash fiction story about A Letter to Santa.
  • I've updated my homepage to include a quick link to my novel—I'm second drafting it. I didn't want to bury this information; after all, writing novels was the first thing I started and remains my primary interest/focus.