Editing Out Overused Words

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Early chapters need more edits.

As I wrote, I noticed patterns in my own writing and corrected them as I went. Fortunately, it means that a considerable portion of my story doesn't need as much attention on certain things as earlier parts. The earlier parts require more care and attention to those items. What kinds of things are we talking about? Several, but to specifically highlight some: overuse of waswerethat, and then.

Liam Neeson on the phone saying, "I will find you and I will kill you."
The words. I will find the overused words and edit them into oblivion.

Simple fixes, then more complex ones.

Most of these issues are relatively simple changes, and I'm slogging through them before I get to other areas of editing. Getting these out of the way helps me focus on the overall flow of scenes, chapters, and overall story.

What's new since last week?

  • Seven of Twelve items complete on my second draft edit plan. I'm currently in the middle of a time-consuming item, so it may take me a while to complete.
  • I may have settled on ActiveCampaign for a newsletter. I looked at several pieces of software for it, but most didn't have the type of functionality that I wanted. We'll see how it goes.