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What does one write about a first novel? It seems like a careful balancing act of showing just enough to be interesting, but not so much that everything is revealed and the story is spoiled.

Well, here's a bit about it:

  • I began writing it in April of 2021 and completed the first draft in October 2021.
  • I completed the second draft in early 2022.
  • I'm currently working on the third draft. On June 11, 2023, I completed a full set of revisions from start to finish.
  • In early July 2023, I finished all revisions from Tae and sent off the latest draft to a small group of beta readers.
  • In early August 2023, I received notes back from all of the beta readers.
  • Mid-August 2023, I completed beta reader revisions.
  • In October 2023, I finished putting together the necessary materials to query.
  • November 2023: I experimented with querying while looking at further revisions.
  • January 2024: I'm working on a new set of revisions to polish the manuscript.

Okay, that wasn't much. But I'm keeping it to myself for now.

I'm enjoying working on each phase of the novel, and I'm looking forward to each new phase as they come.

I publish weekly updates on all things writing-related in my Progress section. Occasionally, you'll find little snippets about how the novel WIP is going. I think I'll keep this particular Novel category on my website to information about each book as they develop.