Five Chapters Left to Edit With My Shortlist

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Five chapters left to edit with my shortlist.

As I've been going through my editing shortlist, I've been able to easily tell which chapters I wrote when tired. My choice of wording on those came across as more passive, less descriptive, and a bit clunky. Paragraphs are broken in odd places as well. They're simple fixes to make, though, so I'm glad I wrote every single day instead of just when I "felt" like it. The "feel" like it is a slippery slope, I think, where the marker of feeling good enough to write is subjective and a constantly moving target—which means that more days than not, I wouldn't have written anything.

What's new since last week?

  • I have five more chapters to edit using my shortlist of items. After that, I'll be reading up on Intuitive Editing: A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing. I've skimmed through it already and thought it had plenty of helpful tips.
  • I've been reading up on the value of newsletters before enabling my own. The last thing I want to do is provide little to no value for anyone who may read it. The biggest question I'm trying to answer is: what should go in it? Hmm. It's a more complex question than it seems on the surface.