Generation Alpha

Close-up of woman's face, with a black banner in the fashion of a blindfold. The blindfold banner reads: Generation Alpha.
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A little lyrical snippet from Adam Freeland's song We Want Your Soul.


Your cellphone, your wallet, your time, your ideas
No bar-code, no party, no ID, no beers
Your bankcard, your license, your thoughts, your fears
No SIM card, no disco, no photo, not here
Your blood, your sweat, your passions, your regrets
Your profits, your time off, your fashions, your sex
Your pills, your grass, your tits, your ass
Your laughs, your balls, we want it all (we want your soul)

Your cash, your house, your phone, your life (we want your soul)

Tell us your habits, your fads, your fears
Give us your address, your shoe size, your years
Your digits, your plans, your number, your eyes
Your schedule, your desktop, your details, your life
Show us your children, your photos, your home
Here, take credit, take insurance, take a loan
Get a job, get a pension, get a haircut, get a suit
Play the lottery, play football, play the field, snort some toot

We'll show you shrinks, we'll show you spooks, we'll buy you drinks, throw away your books
We'll sell you crap, we'll charge you tax, we're out buying big guns and you'll front the cash (we want your soul)

Your cash, your house, your phone, your life (we want your soul)

Your thoughts, your emotions, your love, your dreams
Your checkbook, your essence, your sweat, your screams
Your security, your sobriety, your innocence, your society
Your self, your place, your distance, your space


Amazing portrait photo by Yoal Desurmont.

Awesome static photo by Michael Dziedzic.