Letter from the Homeowners Association

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I've been experimenting with what tags to follow on Instagram and stumbled across a horror writer named Gillian that creates prompts and posts them up every Wednesday. One of the prompts caught my eye, so I decided to write a flash fiction piece for it.

At this point, I haven't written much flash fiction, but I enjoyed it and thought it turned out well. It came in at a whopping 59 whole words.

The Prompt

I saw you smile as you slid that note under our neighbor's door, but it wasn't a kind smile. I didn't think much of it until hours later, when I heard screaming from their house.

What the hell did that note say?! It looked short, maybe 200 words at most. It must have been something, though.

The Story

The homeowners association regrets to inform you that your lawn care still does not meet the covenant rules as laid out in Section 41, Parts 18 through 86. This is your third and final warning. Please comply before 5 PM today, or we will be forced to take immediate and assertive action.

- Sincerely,

Happy Meadow HOA
"Uniformity Begets Happiness"

Photo by Avi Waxman on Unsplash