Holiday Gifts and a Steady Marathon of Second Drafting

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Holiday gifts and a steady marathon of second drafting

I've carved out some time from my editing to wrap up a few gifts for Christmas. Once they are sent out and opened by the few recipients, I'll post some pictures up. I've created a set of unique gifts, and only a handful of them exist. As far as the people receiving them, they have no idea what they're getting. So, it'll be interesting to see what they think. 

I'm a big fan of unique and handmade gifts. In fact, an upcoming series here will be showing off one of the special gifts I made for someone.

For the novel, things are progressing as I expected. The early chapters need some rewriting, and the later chapters just need a bit of tweaking here and there.

What's next?

I have some packages to put together, and Tae is a tremendous help. We've plotted and planned together, and the whole thing will be a nice uniform gift. I realize that's vague, but if any of the recipients see this, I don't want to spoil anything.

What's new since last week?

  • I totally switched over to ConvertKit. Turns out, it has exactly what I needed and is a breeze to use. I've also decided on the theme for my newsletter: Horror History Bites, and I think I'll send it out weekly. There's just so much from the history of horror that I find fascinating, so the well is pretty much endless.
  • I've also done a lot of research on horror blogs and chosen where I want to focus. It also happens to be areas that I'm highly interested in, so I will enjoy putting them together.
  • I also made changes to the website to allow me to put up my flash fiction visual stories. I make them as fun little side projects on Instagram, but not everyone is on that platform, and I wanted to share them on my website.