Hurricane Season, Perseverance, & Once in a Lifetime Flowers

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Hurricane season has officially begun. I'm hours away from the coast and haven't seen any sign of Beryl in North Texas. However, according to all official news sources, the entirety of Texas is completely screwed right now because there's an "unprecedented heatwave" and a Category 16 Megahurricane, plus the Texas power grid was designed and is now run by sloths on sedatives, and something, something, something...dark side.

I'm looking out the window right now. It's about 35 Celsius (95 F), which is normal in these parts during this time of year. There are clear skies, and the power is working fine. The news, however, is telling me that I'm already dead because of 101 new, scary reasons of the day.

This fascinating phenomenon isn't isolated to Texas. I saw similar things while living in Arizona and Colorado. The whole thing, of course, can really mean only one thing: we're all already dead; we just haven't realized it yet.

Honesty, I'm kind of disappointed. I've been watching a lot of isekai anime recently where the protagonist in a story dies in Japan and is reincarnated into a fun new world. That hasn't happened at all.

What if, when you die, you just keep on living?ūüßź

I suppose, given my newfound unexistence as a crisp in a perpetual downpour with only my cowboy hat to keep me cool, I have nothing better to do with the afterlife than to keep writing. So, that's what I've been up to.

I've found myself running two separate writing groups per week. It's been fun, and I hope everyone will continue enjoying their afterlives writing with me. If we persevere, continuing our creative endeavors as apparently apparitions, then at some point, we'll all reach a tipping point toward our goals.

I'm excited to see where we all end up. Personally, I'm inching closer and closer to completing this latest novel revision. After that, I'll have to figure out how else I should pass purgatory.

In other news, I have a handful of air plants, also known as tillandsia. Once in their lifetime, if you take care of them and they are happy, they'll bloom these little incredible flowers. I have one that's blooming right now. Soon, it may reproduce "pups" before it yeets (really? spellcheckers don't know "yeet" yet? fr low-key cringing at cheugy spellcheckers rn.) itself out of the afterlife and moves on to the afterlife afterparty.

Close-up of a blooming Tillandsia, a type of air plant, held in a hand. The plant has vibrant red and green leaves with purple flowers and small white and yellow stamens emerging from the center. Its delicate roots are visible at the base.
Beautiful blooming tillandsia.

What's New?

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