I Have Such Talented Friends

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I Have Such Talented Friends

I wrote and published a retro creature feature called Night of the Living Cake Monsters a while back. Despite the challenges of marketing a self-published work, the novella has gained a few die-hard fans.

This weekend, my friend Eva (maywedacosplay) was Lily from my story and did a photoshoot for it. The feeling of having something I invented in my head have this kind of life breathed into it is indescribable. Eva made everything herself—including designing and sewing the dress and handcrafting those shoes. She even made a little cake monster. 😮

Lily from Night of the Living Cake Monsters in a retro yellow dress, pointing a whisk at a cake monster on a plate in her other hand.
A story come to life!
Lily and Mr. Kennedy Cuddlesworth sitting on a stool in the kitchen.
Lily and Mr. Kennedy Cuddlesworth taking a well-deserved break from saving the world.

What's New?

  • I'm hard at work on the next part of Absolution and hope to release it soon!
  • If you already follow me for more cat pictures on Instagram, then you may have seen this, but I made a little visual story called "You've Lost Your Way." I'm really enjoying the visual format of these short pieces, especially because they're so different than the novel I'm second-drafting.
  • Novel editing still going strong. It's funny how on the second pass I'm able to easily see areas of improvement when it was difficult the first time around.