I Left the House Once & Now Amazon Is Taking Over the World

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So, I left the house...

Golden Girls screenshots from the show. Caption: Where are you going? To get ice cream or commit a felony. I'll decide in the car.
Ice cream or a felony? Why not both?

For me, neither, actually. But I did leave the house. I know, I know. You probably checked to see if an asteroid was coming or if we hit another ice age. I had to go pick up something. So, instead of committing a felony or getting ice cream, I went to go check out a vintage arcade since I was already going to be in the neighborhood.

Street Fighter II arcade cabinet with a funky neon retro carpet underneath.
Just check out that retro carpet.

It was like stepping back in time.

Have you ever been to a retro arcade?

Or, did you ever go to arcades when they were all the rage?

There used to be an arcade in a mall where I grew up called Aladdin's Castle. Apparently, it was a chain of arcades that ran from 1969 all the way until 2021, when the last one fell victim to the pandemic. As for the one I remember visiting, it changed hands and names over the years, each time getting smaller and smaller. Eventually, that mall closed down entirely. A few years ago, the mall was demolished to make room for an Amazon distribution center—all part of their strategy to take over the world.


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