Kids Do the Darndest Things

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You know, a lot of people say there's nothing quite like the sound of a child's laugh. It can make a house a home and a quiet night into one full of joy.

But I don't have kids.

So you can imagine my concern when I find a child's handprint on the inside of one of my windows.

Creepy little greasy fingerprints on the inside of my window
Creepy little ghost fingers greasing up my windows.

A logical question one might ask when seeing the above photo would be: have you ever let a kid into your house?



So where did these handprints come from?

And what exactly should I do if I hear a kid laughing inside my house? I'm looking for suggestions, so let me know what you'd do in my situation.

What's New?

  • The non-writing business has picked up, so I have to carefully choose what to work on in my spare time.
  • Next Week: Oh, the tales children are told to get them to behave.