Life Changes & the Hunter's Moonset

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I'm moving into a new place in Arizona, changing day jobs, starting up a few new adventures, and still getting a lot of writing done. There are times in life that are relatively calm and routine, and then others, like now, are hectic and sometimes chaotic. Times like these require flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. Things will eventually calm down, and a routine will naturally form, bringing with it the benefit of lower stress levels. Life is always cycling like that, a calm and a rush, serenity and then a storm. It makes things interesting, though.

Tae & I are night owls. We stayed up and saw the Hunter's Moonset. She took this photo of it.

Orange full moon setting in the dawn sky.
The full moon turned orange as it lowered on the horizon and its light scattered across the Arizona dust.

What's New?

  • A new Behind the Scenes for Absolution is up: Q&A With Zarina Rosiello, the Protagonist & Heroine. Read about her thoughts on the whole experience, and catch up with how her life has been as a 100% normal human and definitely not a werewolf. I'm nearly finished with putting the entire thing online. It's taken about a year to do it, so looking back on it is strange.
  • A while back, I wrote about the Jenglot of Indonesian Folklore. I like to link to native pronunciations of words whenever possible, but there wasn't one for "jenglot" readily available. I made a request at Forvo about a month ago, and someone filled it! So now, you can listen to a native Indonesian speaker say jenglot. Pretty cool.
  • Next Week: A ghostly black dog isn't the only thing prowling castle ruins in Poland.