Lovecraftian Selfies & Novel Querying

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In case you haven't heard, AI is getting pretty good at generating images. I play around with emerging technology so I can know when we're about to enter The Matrix or some other sort of post-apocalyptic world. This past week, in addition to getting started with novel querying, I messed around with DALL-E 3 to see what it could produce. Some of the results are surprising.

Artistic depiction of a man with a prominent white beard that morphs into octopus-like tentacles and a stylized turban, holding an iPhone on a selfie stick to take a photo, with a fantastical eye and tentacles in the background, all presented in a vintage sepia tone.
Case in Point: Lovecraftian Selfie. I did some AI image generation post-processing to make it look like an old photo.

In novel news, I wrapped up the last of what I needed for querying, and I started on that. It's a very different process than writing a novel, and the skillset is quite different. But I'm now officially querying and getting a few things in order before I start fresh on the next big idea.

What's New?

  • I'm officially querying my first novel.
  • Next Week: The Swedish ghost who wouldn't haunt.