Marshmallow Death Clouds & Ongoing Revisions

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I was out and about after a string of severe weather here in Texas, and I snapped a photo of some strange clouds.

Very fluffy marshmallow-looking clouds hanging low in the sky.
They look like a bunch of marshmallow fluff or maybe little clumps of cotton.

You might think that those clouds are a fun, fluffy photo opp. That may be true, but you also might be risking your life being out and about them overhead—especially in warmer weather. They're called mammatus clouds. They can drop huge hail on your head and bring torrential rain with flooding. They may even strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.

In other news: revisions, revisions, revisions. That's not really a "breaking story" but more of an "ongoing state of things."

How are things in your world?

What's New?

  • Just novel revisions! And watch out for marshmallow death clouds!
  • Upcoming Into Horror History: One of Europe's deadliest witch hunts.