Nighttime Tarantulas & Novel Next Steps

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It's so hot during the day here in Arizona that going outside feels like walking into an oven. So, around midnight, when the temperature drops to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 C), it's one of the few times to go for a walk. Tae and I aren't the only ones out around that time, though—and I don't mean other humans. The wildlife really comes alive at night, probably because, like us, it's all hiding away from sizzling under the sun.

Like this little eight-legged friend:

A tarantula on the pavement.
Never walk around at night in Arizona without a flashlight.

In other news, I'm trying to decide precisely what I'm going to do with my novel after I finish handling beta reader feedback. There are many options for publishing these days, every one of which has pros and cons, so I'm weighing my options.

What's New?

  • I'm researching and writing newsletters and waiting on a little more beta feedback before I tackle it all at once and produce the fourth draft. After that, we'll see.
  • Next Week: The story of a castle in Scotland and the ghost that haunts it.