Novel Synopsis & Upcoming Move

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I'm revisiting early versions of my synopsis to revise it in preparation for querying the now-completed novel. I now have a first draft, just over 700 words. That's two pages, double-spaced. Content-wise, I think it's good, but it needs to be cleaned up for clarity.

In moving news, only a few weeks are left before we're headed to Texas. Things will be a bit hectic for the next month or so. It's just a good thing Tae and I are pro-movers. We've moved states multiple times already, and we've moved house more times than years since the very disappointing Y2K apocalypse that never happened.

A haunted doll sitting on top of a bookshelf.
Genesis is overseeing packing operations.

Between Cap'n Hammy Pants and the haunted doll crew, we have plenty of hands and paws to get this thing done.

What's New?

  • I'm working on the synopsis for the completed novel and planning the move to Texas.
  • Next Week: A man so hated that his corpse was executed.