Novel WIP Milestone & Abominable Party Spider

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Early Sunday morning, after staying up all night, I completed a full set of revisions (third draft) on the novel WIP, from start to finish. It took many months, but I'm happy with the results. The next step is getting it over to Tae for her keen eye. I'm working on that now. After she's finished with it and I complete, and I complete revisions from her, then I'll be opening it up for the very first time to a small select group of beta readers.

I stopped counting hours spent on it at some point, but I still have a method of inferring just how long I've been working on it. This last pass took me 205 writing sessions, each of which was several (or more) hours. If I look at those statistics and the other drafts I've completed, I'm probably around a few thousand hours of work so far. I've said a few times that writing a novel is a marathon, and this is a good illustration of why.

My cat Cap'n Hammy Pants laying down on the office desk and stretching her legs over the keyboard.
Cap'n Hammy taking a well-deserved break after helping me finish revisions.

In other news, Tae found a palm-sized spider on the ceiling right around when I finished the revisions. It came inside for the obligatory party and forgot where it parked its car when it was heading home. I scooped it up and safely relocated it outside.

Giant super fuzzy snowy looking spider on an icy blue background.
As you can see, it looks like a relative of the Abominable Snowman. It's also missing a leg, but that didn't stop it from diving from the ceiling and somehow turning mid-air to glide into the TV stand where it tried to hide behind a horror VHS tape.

What's New?

  • The Novel WIP's next step is formatting it for Kindle and getting it over to Tae. I've already identified precisely what I need to do for this, and I'm working on it. I expect it to be finished in a few days, and then it will be in Tae's hands for a bit.
  • Next Week: A director's debut film that helped kick off Hong Kong's New Wave film movement.