On Writing Systems and Fun With Newsletters

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On Writing Systems and Fun With Newsletters

I'm a big fan of setting up machines and then just feeding them, so they work. I look at writing with that same eye. What's my goal, and how can I set things up to focus on the fun part? 

I tackled my newsletter using this mentality. I think research and writing each one is the fun part. It's necessary but not fun to figure out a mailing list system, wire everything together, and come up with the structure of a newsletter. So, I did those things first. With all of that out of the way, I get to focus entirely on research and writing every week. It's fun.

What's New?

  • A new section of Absolution is now live right here: An Introduction.
  • A little Christmas-themed flash fiction. I like to cut words until the only ones left are words that cut back.
  • I've still had no help from Amazon and Google on getting my accounts set up for audiobooks. This may turn into quite the saga.