One Hundred Nine Thousand Words

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Real substance.

So I've been writing this novel. It's strange to look back and see how far I've come from just a loose idea. The story has layers upon layers, meanings that were either planned or somehow ended up in there. The characters are deep enough to psychologically analyze and speculate about their history and things that are never said or even hinted at in the book. Deep enough to feel so real that my Alpha Readers think of them as actual people and draw parallels to people they've known in their own lives.

What's new since last week?

  • I'm now at 109,000 words of my first draft.
  • I've also reached 80% complete by my chapter count.
  • I discovered a few...we'll call them synchronicities in my story. They aren't obvious, but I spotted them and had my own mind blown—and I wrote it. So if anyone out there ever discovers them, they are in for a big treat.
  • I've settled into a writing style I enjoy, even on the first draft. It's mostly clean, and it incorporates a lot of feedback from an author friend of mine. I very much look forward to going back and doing an entire 2nd draft pass to put in everything I've learned along the way, new things I've picked up while reading about editing fiction, and the fantastic notes from my author friend.