Phonographic Visions Launched & Some Chapters Are Way Harder Than Others

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I've been working on a new short fiction project and just launched it on YouTube: Phonographic Visions. There's only one video up right now, and I'll add more over time. The entire project is centered on guided visualizations for the darkly inclined. You're here and reading this, so you're probably darkly inclined. This first video starts in an evening thunderstorm and takes you into a mysterious antique store where you discover a mystical phonograph that allows you to travel to unusual places.

Check it out.

Track 1 - Evening Thunder and Antiques: Discovering the Mystical Phonograph

In novel news, revisions are going well. Some chapters are WAY harder than others to get through. After several chapters of revisions, I've found that the hardest revisions (so far) are where the narrative goes deep into the main character's perspective. It's challenging because revising and condensing without accidentally messing up the character's personality or story continuity is tricky.

What's New?

  • My new short fiction audio experience project launched: Phonographic Visions. Guided visualizations for the darkly inclined.
  • Upcoming Into Horror History: Lingering ghosts of a historic hotel in British Columbia.