Retelling a Treasure Hunt is a Big Task

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Retelling a treasure hunt for the last part of Absolution was a big task. I was initially making a video but decided I'd want ample time to inspect and take in everything if I were viewing it. I played around with several ideas and eventually landed on a mix of lots of photos and narration from Zarina. I think it turned out well. I'm excited to start writing the Behind the Scenes, as there's a lot to show, and I've had years to reflect on the entire thing.

What's New?

  • I've just made the last parts of the Absolution story live. It's not everything there is to tell because there is a big Behind the Scenes coming, but you can now experience the story from start to finish just as my friend Zarina did in real life.
  • Last week, my spouse Tae and I created a little horror short titled The Doll Collector. It's a fun little challenge to see just how much we can do in one evening with no advanced notice of the theme as they typically come from last-minute writing prompts.
  • I made it through another round of revisions on my novel, and there's a lot more left to do. It's coming along nicely, and I'm pleased with the changes in the second draft compared to the first draft.