Revision Test Results & The Real Unreal

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I've been eyeing some revisions for my first novel for a few months, and I decided to test my ideas in the first chapter. It worked very well, so I'm going to revise the rest of the novel using the same concepts. It's a bit like using fine sandpaper, and the result makes the work stand out even more.

A vibrant display at The Real Unreal exhibit in Meow Wolf, Dallas, featuring an array of neon-painted trees and plants under black light, creating an immersive and psychedelic forest-like environment with intense and contrasting neon colors.
It reminds me of my home away from home.

In other news, Tae and I visited the Meow Wolf in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with friends. It was a nice place, and one area in particular (pictured above) reminded us of places we spent a lot of time, way before Meow Wolf was even a thing. It's nice to see some of these things carry over into new forms, like Meow Wolf.

What's New?

  • Novel revisions! Exciting.
  • Upcoming Into Horror History: Kings, patricide, and ancient atonement.