Root Canals, Rusty Razorblades, & Revisions

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Want to hear a two-word horror story?

Root canal.


I know, right? I've been dealing with excruciating tooth pain. Anyone who has had a root canal knows what I'm talking about. It's not really the root canal itself, though. It's the tooth pain leading up to actually getting the procedure done. So, that's been my last few weeks in a nutshell.

Oh, except I found a wild rusty razorblade growing by a sidewalk. You have to be careful picking them because they're sharper than rose thorns and can carry tetanus. I left this one alone, so maybe when I visit it again, I'll find that more have grown. After all, it is springtime.

A rusted razorblade on a sidewalk.
It's never too early to pick wild rusty razorblades for Halloween treats.

Revisions? Stopped until I'm past this tooth stuff. It's hard to focus on much. So, almost everything has been at a full stop. Sometimes, shit happens.

What's New?

  • Not much! Except for horrible tooth pain. Fun.
  • Upcoming Into Horror History: A haunted 18th-century French fortress on a rugged island.