Shotgun Plungers & Query Letters

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Shotgun Plungers & Query Letters

I don't think it would be shocking to anyone if I said Texas loves guns. But did you know that Texas also loves gun-shaped things?

The image displays novelty plungers that resemble shotguns. The handles of the plungers are designed to look like the stock of a gun, complete with a trigger and trigger guard. There are price tags attached which read "32.99" and a label that says "REDNECK PLUNGER." The handle of one of the plungers also has a text that reads "THE POO IS THRU." The plungers are displayed in a store setting with various other items on the shelves in the background.
Texas: Where even the plungers are locked and loaded!

These shotgun plungers come complete with sound effects when you pull the trigger. I suspect Mario could make quick work of Bowser with one of these.

Aside from those bathroom boomsticks pictured above, I've been working on a query letter. A lot of little details go into it, all within a relatively short word count. I have more to do, but the framework is complete and solid.

What's New?

  • In novel news, I've completed a first draft of a query letter. Now, I need to make it better. That's just how these things go.
  • Tae and I are still working on a creative project, simmering something quietly in the background. Like carefully selected ingredients, we're taking our time to ensure everything blends seamlessly. The final infusion will be worth the wait.
  • Next Week: The true story of a tomb opened and a curse unleashed.