Sour Pickles & Glowing Zombie Poop

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I grew up in the Southern United States (aka "the South"), but I've been away from it for many years. One of the things I noticed when moving back to the South here in Texas was that there are so many small indicators all over the place that you're in the South. For example, I found pickled okra in a grocery store and fresh organic okra for sale.

Here are a couple more examples:

An individually packaged sour pickle for sale at the grocery store.
It was so dill-lightful to find this packaged snacking pickle. I did not buy it.
A box of zombie-themed noise maker snappers you throw at the ground, and they make a popping noise.
Light up your night with the only explosive deal that won't stink up the place!

What's New?

  • In novel news, I've completed another small step in querying preparations: updating my chapter summaries. I'm now using those to update my original synopsis because some things changed as I wrote the story compared to the original plan.
  • Dipping into other creative endeavors news, Tae and I have been pouring a lot of energy into a fresh project that involves some writing (but isn't writing-focused), and it's brewing up to be an exciting blend.
  • Next Week: When horror fiction and music collide.