Step Eleven of My Twelve-Step To-Do

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Step eleven of my twelve-step to-do.

I finally finished my edits of the remaining chapters using my shortlist. I've also completely read through Intuitive Editing: A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing and found it helpful. Interestingly, the first two-thirds of Intuitive Editing seems to be a different take on Randy Ingermanson's The Snowflake Method. Still, I went through everything in great detail, just to be sure.

What's next?

I'm organizing my thoughts on my next set of revisions. I already have a solid list, and I'm just adding to it based on the recommendations I've pulled from Intuitive Editing. After organizing, I'll just get to it—in precisely the same way I did with the first draft. Just set a time block and go at it.

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