To Verb a Noun: Telekinesis

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Tae and I were talking about the word telekinesis. I don't think there is an existing verb form for it, at least not one that I could easily find.



the supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means.

"she possesses the power of telekinesis"

We kicked around a few options in the past tense, so if anyone out there is ever looking to verb that noun, maybe try some of these:

  • Telekinetted
  • Telekinested
  • Telekiknuckled
  • Telekinated
  • Telekinesisted
  • Telekinesis-suru


— Tae

What's New?

  • Still hard at work on novel editing!
  • Next Week: A creature parents tell their children about all around the world. Is it a myth? Or is there something more?