True Crime, Spooky Cemetery, & Some Chapters Are Way Easier Than Others

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"Are those three things in the title related?!" I vociferated, interrobangedly.

No. No, they aren't.

A while back, I wrote about a 1997 true crime titled Keillers Park Murder in Gothenburg, Sweden. The highlights and story of the victim, Josef ben Meddour, have recently been featured on Panic Queer True Crime—which focuses on the life and deaths of LGBTQ+ folks. You can check it out on YouTubeTikTok, and Instagram.

In other news, I uploaded the second piece for Phonographic Visions, a series of audio-guided visualizations for the darkly inclined. This one takes you on a midnight excursion into a spooky cemetery, exploring curious landmarks like an angel statue, a broken mausoleum, and a ruined chapel. Check out Track 2 - Midnight at Mistvale: A Haunting Walk to St. Hallow's Chapel.

Last week, I wrote a minor update about novel revisions and how revising chapters that go deep into the main character's perspective can be difficult. Other chapters, though, can be easy, especially ones that are more action-focused. I'm focused on condensing and trimming my word count on this set of revisions. Getting more punchy action out of fewer words is straightforward because the more wordy something is, the slower it goes.

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