Two and a Half Years and It Finally Happened

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Two and a half years, and it finally happened. Covid found me. I used all the usual tactics to survive horror films: no summer camps at lakes, no keggers, stayed away from coed college parties, no sleeping, never saying "I'll be right back," and, of course, hiding in the closet as much as possible while clutching a large kitchen knife. All that effort got me pretty far, but Covid still found me. I think it snuck into a crack in the front door one night, like a creeping fog, and got me while I was distracted watching The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs.

I've been completely knocked out for the past week, and I'm still recovering. We'll see how it goes. Right now, I'm counting myself as one of the lucky ones with a mild case.

What's New?

  • In case you missed it, here's another two-sentence horror titled: Grandchildren.
  • Next Week: A ghost who was sold for next-to-nothing compared to the unmeasurable fortune that came later as it changed literature and film forever.