Uncertainty, Sore Legs, & Certainty

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I move around a lot. It's a thing. I've accepted it as part of my personality, and it's good that Tae is the same way. It's not that we necessarily like moving. In fact, the act of moving is kind of a pain in the ass. But we have had enough practice that it's pretty straightforward for us. How long we stay in a home (or city) has always been a bit uncertain. We've moved into a new place in Tucson after living in a spot for about four months. I walked and carried a whole bunch of stuff, resulting in very sore legs.

My new day job also has some uncertainty because it's with a startup, but I've been involved with startups for decades now, so that's kind of expected. All this may sound like I don't like stability, but I'm actually quite the opposite. I'm a big fan of stability, routine, and predictability.

With all that uncertainty in my life right now, it's nice to have something with certainty: writing. I can sit down amid chaos and just focus on words and stories. I hope that everyone out there has or finds a way to find that kind of peace, that kind of calm in the eye of the storm feeling once in a while.

Tae somehow managed to get a lizard to pose for a photo. I have no idea how she did it. They are usually skittish and run off at the slightest sound or movement.

A small lizard posing on top of some gravel.
I think Tae has mastered the art of stalking, like a cat, and puts it to use in photographing Arizona wildlife.

What's New?

  • A new section of Absolution is up. Check it out: Sanitizing the Retelling.
  • I've moved into a new place in Tucson that's closer to town and closer to all the great desert city culture.
  • Next Week: A winged creature initially spotted in Cornwall in 1976.