Unpacking the Essentials

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You might think that unpacking clothing, acquiring food and drink, or setting up some kind of entertainment would be the thing to do when arriving at a new living space. For me, though, the essentials are the inhabited dolls. They need to be unpacked as quickly as possible to get back into a regular rotation of offerings, sacrifices, and head-spinning poltergeist action.

Shirley—a haunted porcelain clown doll—sits in front of a bathroom mirror.
Shirley and the other haunted dolls provide moral support and supernatural oversight to ensure any job gets done right—or else.

We're all slowly settling into the new place, and I'm looking forward to being fully unpacked soon.

What's New?

  • New home office that's now mostly set up. I have a full-sized keyboard again, which is pretty exciting.
  • Next Week: A nature spirit you don't want to insult.